September 23 Zodiac

Zodiac sign: Libra

You’ve a robust connection to music and love to listen to it. You may have musical talents and it is as should you develop into one particular with all the sounds. Wont all sounds, though-you have a sensitive disposition and any discordant or loud noise jangles your nerves, as does any type of aggression. That you are a gentle soul who demands a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

When you are subjected to stressful scenarios or disharmony you are able to turn into really depressed and moody. You may go through periods of isolation whenever you hide oneself away and cut yourself off from loved ones. It you reconnect with items you love, like a stroll within the park or a concert, your low mood ought to lift immediately.

You love relationships but are frightened of being hurt; worry and love are your two alternatives, so pick love! Also, in long-term relationships you may uncover you neglect physical affection; take care of this the moment it starts simply because hugs and kisses keep romance alive. You would be properly suited to a Gemini, whose ruling planet is also your birth date ruler, Mercury.
Negative traits: Unassertive, unmotivated, addicted.
Positive traits: Charming, honest, passionate