October 18 Zodiac

Zodiac sign: Libra

You might be fair minded and have an air of authority about you that commands respect. You will be naturally excellent at what ever you feel passionately about and also you know where you will be going. You can get there. Once you love, you love totally.

You were born to influence others in some way, and also you have an inner core strength that serves you properly. You may wind up being a guide or an inspiration to these about you. This really is helped by your being powerful adequate to be scrutinized. Not many folks could deal with the duty you can have inside your life, but you love it.

You can locate a muse, a person it is possible to adore whom you may chase with all your may. Even when they come to you, you love to be the one particular who showers them with affection and tends to make them really feel excellent about themselves. Why not come across an Aries, whose ruling planet, Mars, is also your birth date ruler?
Negative traits: Reckless, immature, impatient
Positive traits: Youthful, dynamic, charismatic