January 6 Zodiac

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

You’re a deep-feeling person who may have had challenges in the region of love, with each loved ones and individual relationships in which you felt love was conditional on getting great or operating challenging. You might have had to be a lot more accountable than others and may not have felt totally free. That you are really providing and instinctively care for other folks.

Your life lessons are all focused on love and on understanding exactly what unconditional love is. It can be essential for you to love your self unconditionally in addition to other folks. Discovering time for your self and space in which to be playful and excited about life is essential. You may be rewarded within the extended run for all you might have put in.

Venus is your birth date ruler, so love is actually a loaded location for you personally. Relationships appear to have a powerful effect on you and you can get lost in them. You frequently turn into the giver and must find out ways to get too. Why not seek out a Libra or perhaps a Taurus, whose ruling planet is also Venus, planet of love?
Negative traits: Naïve, unrealistic, unrenasonable
Positive traits: Idealistic, philosophical, understanding