February 26 Zodiac

Zodiac sign: Pisces

It is possible to swing from sweet and type to domineering and minimize off. That you are typically unaware of exhibiting your severe side and believe you’ve got motive to generally be cold or aloof. In actual fact you’re over-sensitive and tend to guage a condition without viewing your aspect in it. Having said that, you happen to be generous and kind and will give your final greenback to your beggar.

It is because it you’ve been here and carried out this before, You have insight and empathy, but you are likely to evangelise or be rigid with your sights. The great thing about you is that you may change. If somebody unique touches you emotionally, you may establish able to remodel into a really enlightened and accepting human being.
You loathe to shed charge of your emotions so can preserve associates on a string, not allowing them as well shut.

Your love is gigantic however you see it being a weak spot and keep it bottled up with your heart, enabling out only a measured quantity. Toss warning towards the wind and permit it gush absolutely free! Pick out a Capricorn, whose ruling world. Saturn, is your delivery date ruler.
Negative traits: Dogmatic, moody, harsh.
Positive traits: Insightful, hypnotic, honest.