February 20 Zodiac

Zodiac sign: Pisces

You have a compassionate nature and handle folks with empathy and warmth. You may suffer from becoming a little paranoid and self-conscious as you gel confused among your own personal feelings as well as the feelings of other persons; this can be simply because you merge so fully with men and women.

Your healing capability often comes out somehow, even if you don’t explore it inside a standard way. You make a distinction and these around you really feel improved just by getting inside your presence. On the down side you may turn out to be drained simply because you do not know when to quit giving. Try to construct up some boundaries and devote no less than one particular day a week to treating your self.

You happen to be a sensitive tiny flower in appreciate and get swept away in the fantasy of it all. You initially make a gorgeous dream of what your companion is like, but to guard against becoming disillusioned later on you should be conscious that we all have our faults. Why not try a Cancer, whose ruling planet, the Moon, is your birth date ruler?
Negative traits:
Positive traits: