Moon Money Spell for Cancer Solar Sign

Moon Money Spell for Cancer Solar Sign


Green cabbage

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon and Cancenans should pay great attention to the waxing and waning phases of the lunar orb.

This sign will be more susceptible than all others to lunar influence and should never do money magic during waning moons (the period from the full moon to the new moon).

So strong is the influence of the moon upon you, that you will end up diminishing your income as the light of the moon decreases.
The best time for Cancerian money magic is on the full moons. Cook a whole green cabbage with a silver coin or eat with a silver spoon while visualizing prosperity.

For a super shrewd money magic spell, begin on the new moon by cooking and eating brussels sprouts, and conclude on the full moon by cooking and eating green cabbage, This combination will protect and increase your assets.

This spell is truly designed for those with their sun in Cancer, but other signs may use it to draw money into the home or to draw prosperity for businesses such as real estate, contracting, construction, or home decorating.

In such cases, the spell should be performed once a year on the full moon in Cancer for best results.