Leo Snake

Leo Snake personality

The Snake born in Leo is normally appropriate. Whether or not he’s incorrect. He is nevertheless absolutely specific that he knows greatest. And usually, especially for himself and so that you can realize his personal ends, the Leo Snake is not far off. Wisdom and clairvoyance are a part of the Snake legacy. However the addition of Leo to your cool-headed Snake character, even though it lends some sunshine and warmth, also bargains this character a hand loaded with vanity. Now the already extravagant and presumptuous Snake must carry all over excess baggage in the form of a swollen skull that just does not quit.
Then as well, there is certainly the question of Leo will. The pushiness quotient is rising. And we also must take into account the Snake’s inherent laziness. And his tendency to dissimulate and pinch pennies. Are you beginning to acquire the image? Are you able to see why the Leo Snake is always? infuriatingly? Proper?

Needless to say anybody who’s so indubitably suitable must go very typically far incorrect. Extremes operate that way. But as they say in French, and I paraphrase, No matter how high up you may be sitting, it is sensible to remember that you are only sitting in your derriere. Accepting his personal pride as occasional foolishness or humbling himself lengthy adequate to accept support or support is just past the Leo Snake. He is one particular of individuals who constantly provides you with an indulgent laugh and snaps, “Don’t be so naive! I realize what I’m carrying out.” Shortly following you have turned tail and left the overconfident Leo Snake teetering on the edge of his preferred precipice, you hear the thud. He’s not one to complain.

Leo Snakes invariably arrive in the summits they climb to by means of their attractiveness and charm. These men and women will not be even charming on objective. They exude, breathe, ooze attraction. Whenever you meet one, be prepared for a metallic “ping” sound to go off in your head. Even if you weren’t thinking of paying consideration to them, Leo Snakes, by their extremely presence inside the very same space with you, will mutely and coldly demand attention.
When you get to know them, Leo Snakes will loosen up and warm for your personality. They need friendship and are loyal to their pals? primarily their outdated cronies. Nevertheless they will by no means, irrespective of how effectively you understand them, permit you the luxury of offering them tips. They will dish out hours of “you ought to do that and also you ought to consider that” but our Leo Snake wants none of that nonsense from you. How could you, poor dear, know anything about what they should really do? Fact is, this refusal to accept counsel is usually their undoing. Leo Snakes are actually acknowledged to go underneath for the reason that they would not listen to reason.

Deep down, Leo Snakes entertain thoughts of grand charitable gestures and acts of philanthropy. They genuinely feel that one day they’ll make some sort of grand contribution which will remedy social ills or assist the starving bad. But the day hardly ever arrives once they really do much more than adopt a war orphan or reduce the ribbon to open the community playground. They do not mean for being remiss, but Leo Snakes get also caught up inside their very own personal tragedies and losses (of which, bad matters, they’ve got a lot more than their share) to definitely see that their grand very good deeds get accomplished. Also, these are just a little lazier than they should be and reasonably self-involved. None of the above makes it straightforward to carry out substantially a lot more than write a check for that United Fund.

The Leo Snake can not dwell happily with no bushels of finery. Even the poorest Leo Snake will often be wearing the latest lacy stockings, sporting an ivory cigarette holder and blinking out at the globe from behind a tiny jet veil. The Leo Snake has pure class and design. Even unsightly Leo Snakes are lovely. It is the way they stand there with that come hither look within their eye that makes Leo Snake folks irresistible. Also, once they can (plus they typically get to where they are able to inside a major way), Leo Snakes shower themselves with very little gif ties and equipment from Tiffany and Cartier and Van Cleef. These are the mysterious people you are generally wondering about who continue to keep posh jewelers like Harry Winston in organization.
Never underestimate the Leo Snake’s capacity for medication either. There is a unsafe tendency here to delight in consciousness-altering substances. It could be the Leo Snake is searching for solace from his cold, cold all-natural habitat. But this need to be watched, and watched closely.

Leo Snake Compatibilities

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